Hi Folks!
My name is Mitch, (AKA "The Donkey.") Welcome to my little corner of the web, thanks to my much better half, Dawn (AKA "ShyWolf.")

I've always liked trains as a kid-had my Tyco layout running around the kitchen floor when I was 7 or 8, but it was Christmas of 1977 when I was 11 that 2 things happened. It was the 1st year to run my trainset under the tree, & my Mom brought home a copy of the January 1978 Model Railroader-I was then hooked with a vengeance! I eventually built a small, simple layout on a 4x8 sheet of plywood. My locomotives & cars had either none, or minimal amateurish weathering (several cars were done by spraying a can of Floquil "Instant Weathering" along the bottom of the cars!) I always had this deep interest in the Baltimore & Ohio RR for some reason (maybe because I liked the grimy coal drags that used to run thru my hometown of Massillon, Ohio north to the steel mills & freighters on Lake Erie. Either way, that's the real life RR that "hooked me", & it's merger counterparts! (C&O, Chessie System, CSX, CSXT) Those were the model engines & cars I ran on my layout as a rule! (Still have my Atlas Chessie System SD35 that I got in January '78 from Walthers for $25!)

As I got later into my teens, the trains slowly fell more dormant as other interests caught my attention, but I never lost my initial interest. Then in the late summer of 2005, I was poking around on eBay, looking for ideas to make a few extra bucks. Since I didn't have the time or space for a layout, I thought about possibly superdetailing HO scale cars & locomotives. I did some searching, & found there were some awesomely weathered & detailed cars & locos being done-the detail & the weathering were outstanding, & unknown back in my heyday! I started looking for more, & that's how I discovered several master "weatherers", Mr.Kluke, Eddie Ehrman, Jim (Loco260) Keith Bunch (Bportrail), & Mellow Mike. (Thanks guys-YOU were my initial inspiration!)

I started researching, getting myself re-accquainted with the model railroading world, joined a couple forums, & when I was ready, took the plunge, & haven't looked back-I LOVE doing this! There's an endless amount of railroad cars & locomotives in the "real" world that beg to be replicated, & I want to do my best to do just that! So enjoy, & look for my cars on eBay, my username is "eeyore9999."

Most of all, I have to thank the true love of my life, Dawn. Her encouragement & support has been incredible, & if it wasn't for her, you wouldn't be viewing this page! Her computer & website knowledge is awesome, & if you'd like her to set up a website like mine, drop her an email-she'd love to hear from you! (check out the gorgeous beads she makes at www.shywolfsbeads.com)